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45 Friday: Roc Marciano – Warm Hennessy


Released: 2012
Label: GoodFelons  ‎
Label / Catalogue: GF7004
Artists: Roc Marciano Ft. Hus

Few years back a new indie kid popped up on the scene called ‘Good Felons’. Now defunct and for good reason, they put out a bunch of 7’s and ep’s that only spanned from around  2010-2013 and featuring the likes of MOOD, Kev-E-Kev & AK-8 and a repress of J-Force’s 93 ‘Bullseye’, which I managed to get a test pressing of (one good thing that came out of all their fuck ups).

I feel pretty bad for much of the artists involved with this label, some of the which addressed the fans personally via the labels facebook offering personal copies signed.

As the saying goes…Put the music before the money!!!

Besides these cunts being fuck ups, sending out warped copies or none at all like a pack of low dogs and not to mention having about as much communication as a rapist to it’s victim, the above mentioned is pretty dope track. One thing I will critic on though is that it looses it’s intensity at the end with Marc switching up the delivery and flow. Almost sounds like he’s recorded the last verse on kane up in Malibu 4 years later.

Respect the Arch Druids back drop but I’m in favor of the J Force remix below. Sounds tougher with the vocal having some more room to breath around those SP-1200 stabs and strings on loop.

Hus Kingpin X Rozewood

On one of my eternal quests to stay inspired, one day i went looking for new rap music and happened upon Long Island’s Hus Kingpin and Rozewood. I don’t know a great deal about either but i have seen their music being championed over at Ego Trip and Nah Right in recent months. I remember emailing links of their stuff to a handful of my friends and the response was a reply of general indifference, “yeah that’s kinda cool, meh” keep it moving.

I think it’s time to start spreading the word on these two guys. Where the recent spate of Roc Marciano features have had me essentially looking straight past them, Hus and Rozewood are rekindling that feeling i used to get when listening to The UN or when i first heard Marci’s magnificent “Snow” and “War Games” long before Marcberg had everyone screaming “Al Pacino with a tan”s praises.

High Rises was the first joint i heard that really piqued my interest, reminding me a bit of that old B-1 aka B-One 12” that dropped on Rawkus, Empire Staters / Verbal Affairs.

Hus and Rozewood don’t slouch on their output either both having released numerous albums, mixtapes and iTunes singles over the course of the last few years. This clip is taken from their free 100$ Taper album of mid last year.

The most recent full length release came via Rozewood’s The Beautiful Type which dropped in December 2014. Produced entirely by Illatrate and featuring appearances from Hus Kingpin, Boog Brown and SmooVth.

Rozewood talks The Beautiful Type and the process of working with friend and producer Illatrate.

Shibuya Shrine ft. Boog Brown & Hus Kingpin. Taken from The Beautiful Type

If talent were gauged on youtube views then these two dudes should be getting 200,000 plus views per video but they’re not. In saying that though, i have noticed the underground starting to pay more attention to these more than deserving MC’s. A quick YouTube search will have you discovering the amazing quality of music Hus and Roze are putting out at an alarmingly efficient rate, with flows and cadences reminiscent of a hungry Roc Marci or even Planet Asia and a left of center lean that reminds me of Alchemist and Oh No’s Gangrene project. Head over to iTunes or Amazon and start supporting this grass roots hip hop movement today!

But before you do peep how Hus and Roze do their thing over a beat originally found on The Alchemist’s Rapper’s Best Friend vol. 3.

Hus Kingpin & Rozewood – Star Castles




45 Friday: The Purist ft Roc Marciano & Action Bronson – Change / Northern & Roozy

45 1 45 2

Released: 16/10/13
Label: King Kong Holding Co.
Artwork: Mr Krum
Artist: The Purist, Roc Marciano, Action Bronson

Side A: The Purist & Roc Marciano – Change
Side B: The Purist & Action Bronson – Northern & Roozy

UK producer, The Purist hit both Marc and Bronsolini with some laid back classic shit to flow on for this. Both killer tracks. Dope blaxsploitation type artwork too. Limited to 300.

Side A got the visuals.

If you like this check for the 12″ ‘By the Book’ also featuring Roc Marciano, released in 2012.

45 Friday: Telemachus ft. Roc Marciano – Scarecrows

Released : 11/3/11
Label / Catalogue: YNR040
Artwork : Chris Page.
Artist: Telemachus & Roc Marciano.

Telemachus ft. Roc Marciano - Scarecrows Front CoverTelemachus ft. Roc Marciano - Scarecrows Back Cover

Right before ‘Marcberg’ dropped and Roc’s influx of some not so solid guest appearances, he layed down the slick talk on this feature. The eerie time stretched soundscape, produced by the well established Chemo aka Telemachus, compliment that signature Marciano tone real nice. It’s got a ‘Snow’ kinda vibe to it like Madlib or Roc himself produced it. So on point with the wordplay here too.

Pretty happy I snagged one of these a few years back. Limited to 500 worldwide. Taken from the 2013 released LP ‘In The Evening’.

Peep the clip over the ‘King of New York’ visuals. Extra dope!