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Simplex – 845AM Volume 1

Simplex Presents 845AM Volume 1. Limited Edition AA Side 7″ Vinyl Produced by Simplex (Terra Firma/Certified Wise) featuring Lflows (Unkut Recordings) and Pace Won (Outsidaz) Cuts By DJ Juice. Cover artwork by Lee Harnden/Linz (Ironlak)

Check the promo video below;

Side A : The Pain – Lflows (Unkut Recordings) AUS
Side AA : Run Along – Pace Won (Outsidaz) US & Dj Juice

Head HERE to purchase digitally or on delicious black crack vinyl.


As the weekend approaches so too does another World Record Store Day. For many, it’s kind of like Valentine’s Day and other gimmick orientated days – why should we be told to show love on one day specifically, and not all year round? As many diggers are 365 and dedicated to finding that hidden gem in dusty crates, many do not subscribe to this day. Well, fuck that! I love it. It’s a great celebration of all things music, culture, independence and a kunt load of piss with good mates! Sounds dope to me!

So as many rush out to buy that 20th edition of Dilla’s Fuck Tha Police, Illmatic, Operation Doomsday & a slew of other re-re-re-releases, keep one thing in mind – it’s an ace day and a great excuse to see many friends in various spots throughout your city you may not have seen in a hot minute. Great live performances from MC’s, DJ’s & limited edition wax will be the flavour of the day. To all the diggers & hanger-on-ers, enjoy your day! I certainly will.

Here is a select few events happening in the Melbourne Hip Hop scene. For more info on your city hit this link…

Run Royal DJs – The Workers Club

This Saturday night at The Workers Club, Fitzroy come party with us. Plenty of funk, soul and hip-hop for your ear to hear. Ugh!


45 Friday: Roc Marciano – Warm Hennessy


Released: 2012
Label: GoodFelons  ‎
Label / Catalogue: GF7004
Artists: Roc Marciano Ft. Hus

Few years back a new indie kid popped up on the scene called ‘Good Felons’. Now defunct and for good reason, they put out a bunch of 7’s and ep’s that only spanned from around  2010-2013 and featuring the likes of MOOD, Kev-E-Kev & AK-8 and a repress of J-Force’s 93 ‘Bullseye’, which I managed to get a test pressing of (one good thing that came out of all their fuck ups).

I feel pretty bad for much of the artists involved with this label, some of the which addressed the fans personally via the labels facebook offering personal copies signed.

As the saying goes…Put the music before the money!!!

Besides these cunts being fuck ups, sending out warped copies or none at all like a pack of low dogs and not to mention having about as much communication as a rapist to it’s victim, the above mentioned is pretty dope track. One thing I will critic on though is that it looses it’s intensity at the end with Marc switching up the delivery and flow. Almost sounds like he’s recorded the last verse on kane up in Malibu 4 years later.

Respect the Arch Druids back drop but I’m in favor of the J Force remix below. Sounds tougher with the vocal having some more room to breath around those SP-1200 stabs and strings on loop.

45 Friday : Wu-Tang Clan – C.R.E.A.M

IMG_5518 IMG_5519

Released: 28/11/14
Label: Sony/Legacy Recordings
Artists: Wu-Tang Clan

One of my most recent pick ups from last years Record Store Day, The 3rd single from 36 chambers that needs no intro. The piano and those bars still give me goose bumps.

Die cut from full size and limited to 5000 worldwide, collectors get on these before mother fuckers start gouging.

Rather than play the OGs I thought Id leave you with the souled out sounds of the El Michels Affair covers. Check them cover 36 chambers in it entirety on the ’37th Chamber’ if you haven’t already, it’s dope!



45 Friday : Apollo Brown & OC – The Biggest Loser / Prestige of a King

IMG_5183 IMG_5184

Released: 15/05/12
Label: Mello Music Group  ‎– LP-MMG026
Label / Catalogue: LP-MMG026
Artists: Apollo Brown, OC

‘Trophies’, the debut collaboration album by D.I.T.C. member O.C. and Detroit, Michigan producer Apollo Brown. This LP was the release of the year for me back in 2012, on heavy rotation. The deluxe edition of the LP came with this little gem of a 45. Both LP and 45 pressed in white with the 45 featuring the two bonus tracks with much a similar tone to the LP. OC’s delivery and cadence sits so well on Apollo’s production. The B-side also features on a MMG Self Sacrifice mix released the same year.

45 Friday: Must Volkoff Ft. Dialect Homestasis / Time Wields Everything


Released: 21/11/13
Label: Pang Productions
Label / Catalogue: PP-016
Artwork: Mr Volkoff
Artists: Must Volkoff, Dialect

Two of the most humble, productive and original artists out of this country coming together for last years, Must Volkoff – White Russian album. Crackin’ swing on the drums, smoked out open keys and samples. I think this might have only come out with a deluxe pack for the album? Absolute cracker. Cheers for hook up Musty, appreciate that.

‘Homeostasis’ got the visuals.

45 Friday: DJ Mexi 45 mixes

Today I thought id set your Friday off right with over 2 hours of hand picked funk and soul goodness up for free download/stream from Melbourne artist/dj now residing in Cali, DJ Mexi.  While your at it peep the rest on offer via his Milkcrate page, in particular the latest NY 90’s mix.  Cheers for the heads up Ciecmate.

DJ Mexi – 5 Dollar Funk Mix.

“Back in May 2013 I scored a box of 45s at a local church yard sale for 5 bucks. This is the resulting mix. Recorded with warts and all in one take.”


Released: 14/02/14
Label: $2 Scratchies.
Artwork: Mexi
Artist: Various mixed by DJ Mexi



DJ Mexi – WeSC X Stereo Launch Mix Part 1: The Early Set

An all 45 set recorded live at the WeSC x Stereo collaboration launch, Kingswell, LA 10/25/14


Released: 25/10/14
Label: $2 Scratchies.
Artwork: Mexi
Artist: Various mixed by DJ Mexi





45 Friday: The Purist ft Roc Marciano & Action Bronson – Change / Northern & Roozy

45 1 45 2

Released: 16/10/13
Label: King Kong Holding Co.
Artwork: Mr Krum
Artist: The Purist, Roc Marciano, Action Bronson

Side A: The Purist & Roc Marciano – Change
Side B: The Purist & Action Bronson – Northern & Roozy

UK producer, The Purist hit both Marc and Bronsolini with some laid back classic shit to flow on for this. Both killer tracks. Dope blaxsploitation type artwork too. Limited to 300.

Side A got the visuals.

If you like this check for the 12″ ‘By the Book’ also featuring Roc Marciano, released in 2012.

45 Friday: Omni Science – Raw Factor 2.0

Big ups to Akidcalledchubs for hooking me up a copy of this for my cake day this year. Limited to 150 white and 150 blue.

IMG_4862 IMG_4863

Melbourne’s Debonair P laces up North Carolina MC, Omniscience’s for his first single in over a decade. His full length album was scheduled to be released in 96, but was subsequently shafted and never dropped. Just so turns out the full length ‘Raw Factor’ is getting a release this month with a few extra tracks to boot. Staunch flow, mad slept on 90’s shit. Peep the single ‘Touch Ya’ll’ below which got the visuals back in 95.

Released : 21/09/12
Label / Catalogue: GRR006
Artist: Omniscience & Debonair P.

45 Friday: Behind Closed Doors Vol. 3

Released: 23/1/12
Label: Louis Den/Crate Escape Records
Artwork: Soapbox
Artists: House Shoes Purist, Myke Forte, Suff Daddy, Kelakovski

photo-3 photo-4

I’ve been a keen follower the UKs Louis den beat battles since first seeing their You Tube videos with the likes of Jaisu and s-type. Louis Den went on the compile a series of DVDs titled Behind Closed Doors. Their first installment featured UK producers predominantly from their beat battles. The following volumes stepped it up a notch in terms of content, production and editing with the final of the series heading to the US, Canada, UK and Germany, interviewing the likes of Mr. Thing, Suff Daddy, !llmind, Rhetmatic, Khrysis to name a few.  Enjoyable Interviews and content for the most part.

Vol. 3, was available in a bundle with a limited 7″ (150 pressed) featuring some stand out, laid back instrumental vibes from 4  artists off the DVD.

45 Friday: Telemachus ft. Roc Marciano – Scarecrows

Released : 11/3/11
Label / Catalogue: YNR040
Artwork : Chris Page.
Artist: Telemachus & Roc Marciano.

Telemachus ft. Roc Marciano - Scarecrows Front CoverTelemachus ft. Roc Marciano - Scarecrows Back Cover

Right before ‘Marcberg’ dropped and Roc’s influx of some not so solid guest appearances, he layed down the slick talk on this feature. The eerie time stretched soundscape, produced by the well established Chemo aka Telemachus, compliment that signature Marciano tone real nice. It’s got a ‘Snow’ kinda vibe to it like Madlib or Roc himself produced it. So on point with the wordplay here too.

Pretty happy I snagged one of these a few years back. Limited to 500 worldwide. Taken from the 2013 released LP ‘In The Evening’.

Peep the clip over the ‘King of New York’ visuals. Extra dope!