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Cue The Cool C Tributes…

Cool C has been sitting on death row in jail since 1996 after shooting a Philadelphia police officer dead in a botched bank robbery with his then partner Steady B. Convicted of first degree murder on October 30 1996, Cool C was sentenced to death by lethal injection, his execution is scheduled for January 8 2015.

Cool C was a member of pioneering Philly hip-hop crew Hilltop Hustlers, he dropped his first single “Juice Crew Dis” in 1987 going at – you guessed it – The Juice Crew. There’s some killer shots fired in this record.


This eventually lead to his debut debut album I Gotta Habit dropping in 1989 on Atlantic Records. I Gotta Habit spawned the sizable hit “Glamorous Life”.. This is almost the perfect late 80’s hip hop video.


In 1990 Cool C dropped his second album on Atlantic, Life In The Ghetto. This album didn’t fare as well as I Gotta Habit and he formed C.E.B. (Countin’ Endless Bank) with Steady B and Ultimate Eaze.  Obviously C.E.B. didn’t do too well either because a few years after their debut dropped in ’93, one member was on death row and the other was serving life for a bungled bank robbery.

The self-titled debut,  Countin’ Endless Bank did spawn what i think is one killer single though.


I haven’t seen much mention or coverage on Cool C’s reported January execution across the internets since i heard the news last night. While absolutely no one can excuse what Cool C did in taking another person’s life i am presuming a certain amount of tribute will start spewing forth from the internets over the coming month or two.