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“SUSS ONE” EP Launch 29/7/2017 Brisbane


Karsniogenics MC “Suss One” will be bringing the heat at the end of this month for the launch of his EP “Konekt Game”. Suss has been around for a minute now and is sure to smash this out the park with a stellar local line up and hosted by the king Len-One.

Gaz Hazard & DJ DCE will back the great man on stage, ensuring a killer night for all fans.

Brisbane stand up!

Pre-sales are available here at or 20 clams on the door.

Website –


Check Suss One’s filmclip from the “Konekt Game” EP below, Executed by Josh Davis & Heata HG.



Brisbane MC/Producer Calski has announced the release of the third single from his EP ‘Folkus’. The track, ‘Just Clap’, is an undeniably funky dancefloor starter featuring renowned Canberra-born MC, Hau, and will be released on 7” vinyl by pioneer Queensland hip hop label Hydrofunk Records.

The ‘Just Clap’ 7” is out 19 July 2016 and boasts the equally impressive B-side track ‘One Hand On The Bible’ featuring favourites Briggs and I AM D. While the EP ‘Folkus’ drops on the same date, those who purchase the ‘Just Clap’ 7″ vinyl single will receive the full 5 track EP via free download. Along with the vinyl tracks ‘Folkus’ features Aus MC’s Dialectrix, Sinks & Raven.

Calski has been a consistent and unmatched presence in the Hip Hop community in Australia since the early 2000’s. Known for his unmistakable production and profound lyricism, Calski is also a DJ and multi-instrumentalist, playing bass, keys and guitar.

Having supported the likes of Ghostface Killah (USA), Public Enemy (USA), Total Eclipse (USA), The Herd, Urthboy, Mantra, Spit Syndicate and Joelistics, Calski has long been considered a peer amongst Australian Hip Hop greats and attributes his style to the influences of Pete Rock, 9th Wonder, DJ Premier, Black Milk, Apollo Brown and more.

Purchase your copy from the Hydrofunk Records online store HERE or hitup your local independent record store.


A decade ago friends, family and associates from all over the country came together to say goodbye to Stephen John Dawson Atkinson, better known in hip-hop circles as JEEPS aka Gunnery Sergeant Problem Child.




Jeeps was a cool ass dude who loved the culture and expressed his passion for it through signature double E graffiti pieces. He was down with most writers in the River City, showing love East, North, South and West and represented PMC/BRA crews and the 750 Rebels. Beyond that he was a quiet achiever, a kind friend with a cold beer and helping hand for anyone in need. For those reasons and many more the funeral home in Bowen Hills was packed from front to back with people keen to pay their respects and wish him well in the afterlife. After the ceremony the crowd assembled at the Queens Arms hotel in Fortitude Valley to do it up big daddy Jeeps style one last time.




During the wake, words from mourners were recorded and later blended between songs requested by close friends on a mix put together by the Phat Tape crew and aired on 4ZzZ the following Sunday night. The tribute served as the perfect drinking companion for those that wished to feel close to him again and went on to be played 10 years straight on 4ZzZ 102.1FM at this time of the year. Some years ago the files got corrupted and ruined the last 5 minutes or so of the original mix.. If you got it holla!


Lewkwarm – We’re Dominating The Sound

In an attempt to stay inspired and true to Run Royal’s promise of exclusive material, I recently found myself diggin’ through a tonne of shoe boxes in search for unreleased and lessor known content to share with ya bad selves. In amoungst the madness of old flyers, cassettes, ticket stubs, stickers, magazines and cd’s I unearthed bookoo gems that had been long forgotten..

First back ride to jump off is a posse cut from Brisbane’s WDTS crew circa 2000? I ripped this joint from a Lewkwarm demo cd who at the time was murkin’ mics with a layed back Brisbane style at Rics Cafe, Drop Zone, 8-ball and other local hip-hop nights from that era.

Lewkwarm kicks things off followed by a rare verse from Leva (“you ain’t up like the ducks”) K-West from The Optimen and Yuin Huzami from The Coalition. The Rasco sample hook always stuck with me although I somehow convinced myself it was Rakim! Thanks K-West for clearing that up for me recently. Who produced the beat though?? Someone in the know, feel free to comment and fill in the gaps.

Stay tuned for more regular posts of this nature coming soon. Enjoy!


KK CC.jpg

Tomorrow the 26th November marks the official kick off for the Kings Konekted-Corrupted Citizens LP trilogy of terror. We’re launching the release in 3 key parts with bits n pieces littered in between over the next couple of months, so please keep Unkut Recordings bookmarked on all media forms for updates regularly.

Pt.1 excitingly commences tomorrow with both the CD pre sale, by itself & in a LTD CD & T-Shirt pre sale pack and the launch of the first video to accompany the release.

The CD will continue to sell throughout the campaign. Many heads get caught sleepin’ on the humble CD these days with the recent love for black plastic, but best believe you don’t wanna sleep on this CD…
Like all good hard to obtain triple threats in any collection, each format brings something different to the next, in this case, the CD is packed with goodies from the 16 track deep audio to the incredible photography, illustration & design courtesy of Josh Davis, Sam Hillcoat and April77 respectively, throughout the packaging, including a 20 page booklet containing all track lyrics.

The CD/Tee pack is limited. We’ll be running limited quantities of each merch design dropping in conjunction with each audio format. The first flavour is in theme with the title track.
Pre orders for the 1st pack will run from THURSDAY 26th NOVEMBER – SUNDAY 29th NOVEMBER.
NO NEED TO PANIC, that’s 4 days and nights to lock in your pack with selected size. After Sunday, we will pull the CD / Tee pre order from the site. That style T-Shirt will then only be available from supporting stores in limited sizes.

All Corrupted Citizens Pre Orders will ship week commencing 14th December. CD’s will hit supporting stores & outlets 21stDecember.

Tomorrow night the first big visual component will also unfold.
The clip for the track “Value Of Adaption” will unveil across the globe at 8pm AEDT. Set aside an hour and tune in for youtube links to get a glimpse of this 5 minute plus banger. Unkut Recs award winning visual squadron have taken this one well beyond, so please do take the time to pop the corn, chill the brews, and press repeat…

Digi, Tape & Wax to follow to complete the cipher, but when the shits pure dope, only a little at a time…

On behalf of all involved in the entire project, we thank you for your support in advance and hope you enjoy the ride.

**above press release courtesy of Unkut Recordings**

WATCH YOUR STEP – Brisbane 21/11/2015


KINGS KONEKTED “Corrupted Citizens” LP – Official Trailer 2015

Here is the official LP trailer for Kings Konekted’s highly anticipated forthcoming LP entitled “Corrupted Citizens”, out thru the mighty Unkut Recordings. More info to come…but stick this in ya ear & eye holes until then! Deadly!!!

Throwback Thursday – Have A Beer

Have a beer launch

I was recently diggin’ through an old shoebox of all sorts and come across a few gems. One being this flyer for Lazy Grey and Ken Oath’s ‘Have A Beer‘ film clip screening at Rics Cafe a decade plus some years ago.

Before social media it was community radio, word of mouth and flyers like this one at your local record store that brought heads together from all sides of the city.

For locals ‘Have A Beer’ and the entire Lazy Grey ‘On Or Off Tap’ release became a drinking anthem for Rivercity crews in the park after dark getting street educated.

Most will agree that it was during this time (98-02) that today’s local Hip-Hop scenes foundations were established. But for most that attended, nights like this are now just a few sketchy memories refered to as ‘the good ol’ days’.

And on that note..

Crush City Exhibition

The 2nd Annual Crush City exhibition opening night is taking place this Saturday, September 26 at Jugglers Art Space. Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.

Artists with work on display include John Lupo Avanti, Eric Bruckner, Sam Hillcoat, Tristan Trenaman, Reals, Jay Christensen, Meks, Blex, Cekios, Diz & Malis. 

See you there!! 

The Francis Wolves – Debut 7 inch

The Francs Wolves

Local funk groups come few and far between up here in the Sunshine State. So when I heard of a new outfit making the transition from stage to wax I was immediately excited..

The Francis Wolves are a seven piece instrumental band from Brisbane, Australia. The self-described heavy soul and rare groove merchants play music influenced by soul, late 60s funk, jazz, afrobeat and garage psych. The players are; Dave Kemp, Drums, Brian L’Huillier, Bass, Jason Elliot, Guitar, Kellee Green, Organ, Rohan Hardy, Baritone Saxophone, Andrew Butt, Tenor Saxophone, and Michael Rogers, Trumpet. Forming their very own ‘Garage Afro Soul’.

Their debut 7 inch release “Deep In The Ju Ju” / “Valley Heat” is now available to preorder via PledgeMusic. With only 100 pieces pressed and the pledge at 96% complete you better be quick if you want to scoop up a copy. Follow them on Facebook for upcoming shows/more release info and peep the heat below!

Throwback Thursday – Dropzone

Keeping along the lines of last weeks post, giving it up to the ones that paved the way giving the locals an opportunity and outlet I must to give Dropzone a mention. I’m not exactly sure when it started but a few of us were hitting it up on the regular circa 2000-2001. Dropzone collective was, the Bourne brothers Ray (Rainman) and Steve (Steve B) and Two Dee from my hazy memory. Heavy funk grooves and Hip-Hop, open mics and guest MCs every Thursday night from 9pm up at the top level of the empire hotel, which was called the moon bar.

I have no idea what this venue looks like now but back then the 1st two levels were pretty well fit out with a fuck off bars, decks, plenty of seating, pool tables etc. The moon bar on the other hand, which was accessed through some hazardous internal stairs was a little different..It always had this dankness about it, a ‘sweatbox’ if you will, like the sweat from the fried speed patrons on levels one and two had wafted up to the top level. Dimly lit, regular trails of weed smoke wafting out of the back couch sections, it had a dope vibe too it. This was back when bouncers in the city would knock you back from clubs if you didn’t sport the leather or the collar and the valley was…just the valley, a little more relaxed on entry. Before it was a drink, chew and spew ‘Precinct’ that attracts 20k-40k plus per weekend and it gave a fuck about the music and where it was housed and crafted (fuck I sound like some old jaded cunt but it’s truth!). You sure as fuck didn’t pay upward of 10 bucks a throw for a rum either. Binge drinking was fucking encouraged!

The process for us was to head in early to the middle bar and hit up cheap drinks, play some pool, take drugs (if the mood was right), attempt to mac a bitch/s and stumble our way up for entry. Then, drink more, politic, harass women, harass the DJs to play something and let us up for the open mic (sorry Ray I was bad for that shit!). Rinse and repeat!

Dropzone introduced me to open mics, live hip-hop performance, good funk, hip-hop and most of all good people who I still have a lot of time for. The type of people you stay friends for life for because of that connection with the music/art and the community back then was so tight knit you could simply weed out the weak/toy cunts. Separate the real from fake so to speak. It birthed graff crews, rap crews, DJs who are still doing their thing for the culture today and I’m extremely grateful for this. Meeting our mentor, Ken Oath was something I also take away from this time and hold as a great moment. Putting us down with 750 Rebels I think corrupted us a little more than we already where but put us on the right path, at least in a musical sense haha.

Big up and repsect to Rainman and his brothers for getting the scene poppin’ back then and kicking off our Brisbane bullshit.

If anyone has any pics, flyers or tales please share.We were all rocking the dial up back then and time was money!

Throwback Thursday – Babble-On


$2 pots and $3 shots made for some fucking good hip-hop nights put on by the babble-on boys. No to mention the club where they came up promoting their first shows backed on to a gash bar. You could sneak though the back door behind the adjoining bar for some mutton if you so obliged. Don’t worry I wont be dry snitchin’ any detail now or in future of finer details but fun was had and in big fucking spades!!! I Just wanted to post and pay homage to those that have helped along the way and deserve some recognition.

It blows me away to think these shows were over 10 years ago! For a bunch of low life, Southside drunks barely on the right path, we (Town Drunxxx) got a few supports circa 02-03. Babble-On kept the torch alight from the Ric’s café, max break & the alley bar shows, keeping the locals with a regular outlet and the punters happy with a good variety of local and interstate acts, not to mention that pussy actually turned up to hip hop shows back then and got turned out. You didn’t have to be p-noid you were chatting up a bitch some dude was cuffin. The sense of community was regained, the battle scene here in briz was alive, DJs actually had skills and selected records for the task at hand.

Things got bigger, the clubs got bigger, the acts booked were international, dudes bought pre sold tickets knowing that mother fucker would sell out. You would see flyers posted every suburb south to west, word of mouth got you there. I struggle now with some of these fuck arse cunts trying to promote a show with a facebook post and moshtix link.  Where’s your gumption and passion? where did the punters go? Is no one of the younger generation a fan before an artist? Where the fuck is the culture ffs?

Enough of a rant. A big thank to the Babble-on boys, the OG 143 massive and everyone else involved back then. Some great memories. Also,  big up and repect to the likes of the 469 boys for carrying the torch and bringing back that good old fashion Brisbane Bullshit. You cunts are doing it right! Thankyou!


LC – Murderous Metaphors Launch – The Rev, 2005

750rebs1 750rebs3 750rebs4 750rebs5 750rebs6

Tha Liks – Farewell Tour – The Arena, 2/9/06

IMG_0074 IMG_0075 IMG_0076 IMG_0080 IMG_0082 IMG_0084

Don’t Sweat the Technique Tees

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Kold Heat Album Launch – Brisbane