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AkidcalledChubz ft Lflows – 40 below

Go cop the vinyls in either black or white. Don’t sleep!

Fashawn – Fashawn

The fucking live guy with the glasses laying some hypnotic bass and chopped keys for the Cali native, Fashawn. All I wanted from it was another verse!



Rest In Peace Prodigy 

Sad news… Prodigy of Mobb Deep has passed away at the age of 42 after a life long battle with sickle cell anemia. R.I.P.

750 Rebels – Magnum Opus

Overproof Pete cooked up some abstract visuals to accompany the Kold Heat song ‘Magnum Opus’. We don’t know what to think of this one yet… It’s something different that’s for sure!


Evidence – Throw It All Away

The wave continues with a new video released today by LA’s dilated rainmaker Evidence. ‘Throw It All Away’ sounds like EV has been experiencing some gloomy weather of his own. He goes in with that signature slow flow style delivering a tale of taming the cyclone within. Alchemist provides the backdrop with a classic synthetic drum break and a mind bending string sample loop. No news on a new solo album at this stage, it’s been a minute between storms since Cats and Dogs in 2011.

A Lostralian In New York – Ep. 1. The Bronx

I’m mad late on this but it’s great to such a stand up and humble dude like Delta documenting and sharing his experience of Hip-Hop culture in New York..Shit makes me wanna take the pilgrimage again. Hard out!

This 4 part series follows Australian Hip Hop artist Ben Delta as he journeys through boroughs of New York, in episode 1 Delta visits the Bronx.

A Visit to the TATS CRU studio in Hunts point is some fun viewing as Nicer ( one of the founders of the legendary Graffiti crew ) is in a mood to talk about the history of New York and how graffiti spread across the world.

The second part of the episode takes us to the home of Lord Finesse ( DITC ). Ness gives us an insight into what he looks for in records and how different sounds can be the basis of a production, he also discusses working with Delta ( which is explored in more detail in a upcoming episode).

This was made for the love of the music and culture, Delta has always carried the torch high for Australia so we thought it time we showed everyone what’s been going on.
– Luke Eblen

Epic Safety Clip

This ones for you Heata. Run Royal will commence back to it regular schedule when we fucking feel like it. Enjoy this powerful shit in between drinks.

Unintentional Duos: Big Pun & Nore

Has anyone else ever noticed how truly dope the late great Punisher’s collab’s with Noreaga were? Hip Hop has produced some amazing duos but while Pun has always been associated more with Fat Joe and Nore with Capone and Tragedy, it’s the collaboration’s between these two Puerto Rock hardbodies that’ve got me fuxin’ with the internets here tonight. These are a few i have in my own collection but a simple YouTube search will turn up even more. Walk with me now…

Big Punisher ft Noreaga – You Came Up

This Rockwilder produced gem was the third single from Pun’s 1998 debut album Capital Punishment. Pun reps the BX while Nore holds down Queens over some funky horns. There’s a video out there for this but i prefer the album version.

Noreaga & Big Pun – Thug Brothers

This is from Funk Flex’s 60 Minutes of Funk Volume 3. If you don’t have your own copy of it there exits a better version on YouTube that i couldn’t embed for some reason. Nore puts in a gold medal performance on this, at no point being outshone by Pun.

Royal Flush ft Big Pun & Noreaga – Clap Yo Hands

I own this 12″ and i fuckin love it, it’s also quiet a rare track from what i’m led to believe. The Punisher slaughters this joint sampled from The Metres Handclapping Song, it’s as simple as that. It rivals his appearance on Beatnuts’ Off The Books. Flush and Nore let ya know Queens is in the house also but they had to work for it after Pun.

Pete Rock ft Big Pun, Noreaga and Common – Verbal Murder

Pete Rock’s solo debut was packed with memorable guest-spots and this ranks among them highly. Why Common is on here i don’t know but it’s never been more evident that there will never be another Pun or Nore, both amazing characters in their own right. I never listen as far as Common because there’s no need.

Kid Capri ft Noreaga & Big Pun – Block Party

Mix-tape king Kid Capri put out an album at the end of the 90’s that featured just about every (living) major rapper of the era but it wasn’t really that good. This is an exception though. Nore’s flow is almost anti-pun’s in that he leaves so much breath in the beat while Pun fills every single measure of a bar with syllables, except for when he’s snorting the breath back into his lungs. I fuck with Nore on this though.

DJ Clue ft Cam’Ron, Big Pun, Noreaga, Canibus – Fantastic 4

It was the end of the 90’s on Clue’s The Professional and Pun and Nore were playing rap’s odd couple again. Book-ended by two impressive performances from Cam’ and Can’ it’s Pun and Nore (getting head in the whip in any street) for my money on this shit. The beat gets on my nerve after a while but the constant darts will keep you entertained.



We Want Eazy!

It’s been 20 years since the great Eric ‘Eazy-E’ Wright passed. If Eazy had’ve been gunned down in a flurry of shotgun blasts, or caught a blade in the jugular, we probably would’ve shown the man’s legacy a great deal more respect in the years that have passed since his untimely death. Pour yaself a little liquor and raise a toast to “the actual street n***a from Compton”… Turn this one up!

“…fee, fi, fo, fuck fum!”


Pioneers With Girls Names

Tracie and Kerry… Two bad-ass dudes that’ve been done their thing, with feminine names.

Enjoy ya Friday yo!

Cue The Cool C Tributes…

Cool C has been sitting on death row in jail since 1996 after shooting a Philadelphia police officer dead in a botched bank robbery with his then partner Steady B. Convicted of first degree murder on October 30 1996, Cool C was sentenced to death by lethal injection, his execution is scheduled for January 8 2015.

Cool C was a member of pioneering Philly hip-hop crew Hilltop Hustlers, he dropped his first single “Juice Crew Dis” in 1987 going at – you guessed it – The Juice Crew. There’s some killer shots fired in this record.


This eventually lead to his debut debut album I Gotta Habit dropping in 1989 on Atlantic Records. I Gotta Habit spawned the sizable hit “Glamorous Life”.. This is almost the perfect late 80’s hip hop video.


In 1990 Cool C dropped his second album on Atlantic, Life In The Ghetto. This album didn’t fare as well as I Gotta Habit and he formed C.E.B. (Countin’ Endless Bank) with Steady B and Ultimate Eaze.  Obviously C.E.B. didn’t do too well either because a few years after their debut dropped in ’93, one member was on death row and the other was serving life for a bungled bank robbery.

The self-titled debut,  Countin’ Endless Bank did spawn what i think is one killer single though.


I haven’t seen much mention or coverage on Cool C’s reported January execution across the internets since i heard the news last night. While absolutely no one can excuse what Cool C did in taking another person’s life i am presuming a certain amount of tribute will start spewing forth from the internets over the coming month or two.




Mash-Out Mondays

Monday’s aren’t always the most anticipated of days especially when considering that there is now another five more sleeps until you can go out and get fucked up again. I like to think of Monday’s as a new begining, a clean slate waiting to be etched by another week of achievement and forward momentum. I find no greater motivation than to have the Mash Out Posse scream gun noises and obscenities at me (via my headphones) as i trudge the well worn path to my chosen vocation.. I thought you might enjoy the same.

Here’s a few of The MoPeeez lesser known known joints to make your ears bleed this fine morning.


Cormega featuring MOP – Let It Go!

I just recently discovered this animated clip for one of my favourite collaborations, between the world famous M dot O dot P dot and Cormega, taken from Mega’s 2004 “street album” Legal Hustle. I’d actually forgotten how good this joint is, Li’l Fame drops nothing but scene stealing verses in my books. Everything about this track wins!


Bad Boy Family featuring MOP & Busta Rhymes – Bad Boy For Life (Remix)

Back in 2002 Puffy and the Bad Boy Family put out the wishfully titled We Invented The Remix, an album packed with largely commercial reworkings of their already largely commercial hit records. This joint here was a good look though, Puffy’s recruitment of Billy and Fame to scream bloody-blue murder alongside Busta had the gully-meter redlining… I imagine Puffy cut them a handsome check for their services also.


Red Hot Lover Tone featuring Biggie Smalls, MOP and Organised Konfusion – 4 My Peeps

After a brief liaison with the mic Red Hot Lover Tone would go on to become one half of the famed super producer duo The Hitmakerz aka Poke & Tone. In 1995 he gave rapping a go with mixed results, he wasn’t that good. Though in hindsight he did manage to feature both MOP and Biggie on the same Buckwild produced track, Prince Po shows up as well but when Fame spits “old school or new school i’ll beat yo ass like its freshman day” this joint is over with! Classic 90’s posse cut steez and to my knowledge MOP’s only recorded performance alongside the late  great Christopher Wallace.


MOP – Hilltop Flava  (No Sleep Til Brooklyn)

Fizzy and Danzenie pay their own unique brand of homage to the Beastie Boys’ classic No Sleep Til Brooklyn on their shelved Rocafella debut, Ghetto Warfare. This saw an independant release in the latter 2 thows following a period of major label purgatory where the BK duo were stuck between Rocafella, Sony and G-Unit.  This track can also be found (albeit in a far less polished state) on a Greenlantern mixtape that has various rappers covering the Beastie Boys classics.



Mashout Mondays… Make ya ears bleed!