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Some of the greatest releases from the Houston, TX label Rap-A-Lot Records.

Devin the Fucking Dude

Had a laugh at this. Devin’s new release Acoustic Levitation is the fucking goods. Give it a listen! H-Town veteran that says rappin’ like rap-a-lot.

SEAGRAM “The Dark Roads” LONGBOX (1992)


O.G. STYLE – I Know How To Play ‘Em! (1991)


From the mighty Rap-A-Lot Records comes O.G Style’s 1st LP. Produced in 1991, this 15 track album features that classic TX fonk and the powerful “Free World” joint that would later be used by label mates The Convicts for their track “This Is For The Convicts”. Consisting of members Original E & DJ Big Boss, O.G. Style only recorded this one LP as a group, before parting ways. Original E took the name O.G. Style as his solo name and released a couple more albums (outside of R-A-L Records), and sadly passed away in the late 2000’s.

DJ Big Boss went onto to form the group 4 Deep and released 4 albums to my knowledge thru Power Artists Records & Albatross Records. The group was dope as fuck!  He also released a solo album entitled “Respect Due” which I believe was his last effort before his untimely death around the mid 2000’s.

Respect to both artists who were both involved in so many TX classics over two decades. But it was this LP “I Know How To Play ‘Em!” that truly represented their love for Hip Hop and their home state of Texas. R-A-L heads know how dope this.

TOO MUCH TROUBLE “Bringing Hell On Earth” LONGBOX (1992)


From Heata’s personal Longbox stash comes this still sealed TMT classic from 1992. To quote Bigfoot, this is “Hursty BBQ music”.