Jake pulls ya card on the favourite rappers favourite writer for their favourite hits.

Ghostwriter of the Week: Sauce Money

For the uninitiated Sauce Money was a childhood friend of Jay-Z and an early affiliate of Rocafella Records, appearing most notably on the DJ Premier produced Bring It On off Hov’s debut Reasonable Doubt. Sauce Money also appeared on Big Daddy Kane’s 1994 album Daddy’s Home, on the posse cut Show N Prove which also featured a young Jay-Z, Shyheim and Ol Dirty. He dropped a solo album in 2000 called Middle Finger U which wasn’t too bad, I remember the 12″ off it was produced by Preemo.

All of that aside, Sauce Money found his greatest success in the music industry as a pen-for-hire during the 90’s and early 2000’s. One of his most notable credits was penning for the artist and label head formerly known as Puff Daddy on his 1997 tribute to Biggie, The Police sampling, I’ll Be Missing You. Knowing that you required another MC to pen a tribute to a person you were supposedly close with (Puff and BIG) doesn’t sit well with me but then again Puffy’s never pretended or hid from the fact that he’s not the most adept rap writer on the planet, remember.. “Don’t worry if I write rhymes, I write checks..”

Regardless, Sauce scored a Grammy for penning Puff’s apparently heartfelt sentiment and – from all reports – continues to get paid well off of his work for Bad Boy and the Roc. As a side note, I’ll Be Missing You is ranked by Billboard as one the top 100 selling singles of all time with sales in excess of 8 million

Ghostwriter of the Week: Xzibit

It’s no secret that Mr. X to the Z has done some ghostwriting, most notably for the good doctor himself, Dre. It really then comes as no surprise then that he would’ve ghostwritten for Snoop also, but Snoop has never been a slouch on the mic and has written most of his own tracks over the course of his 20+ year career.

X’s ghostwriting was provided for Snoop on what would be his second last single for Master P’s No Limit Records, the Dr. Dre produced Lay low from 2000. Of course Snoop and X collaborated two years prior on the incredible Bitch Please – also produced by Dre and featuring Nate Dogg.

Snoop’s two album stay on No Limit was met with indifference but did yield this great single and listening back to it now I reckon you can pick that Xzibit penmanship.

Ghostwriter Of The Week: Jay-Z

According to Ben Baller – LA DJ, jeweler and former Death Row affiliate – Beyonce’s husband not only wrote Dr. Dre’s Snoop assisted hit “Still D.R.E.” but also recorded a ghost version for the good doctor to make sure his flow and cadences were all on point. Ben Baller also stated that the above mentioned recording was firmly in his possesion, Still Dre performed by Jay-Z… While its no secret to anyone that rap’s first billionaire has a habit of calling in producers and attaching his name to their work, the thought of a version of “Still D.R.E.” being performed by Hov interests me no end, or more to the point, hearing Hov perform “Still D.R.E” would interest me no end!

Ghostwriter Of The Week: Nas

Apparently Nas co-wrote Will Smith’s post Fresh Prince dalliance with the pop charts, Gettin Jiggy With It. There was initially some conjecture but he has since stated the he wrote four or five other tracks on the album while helping Big Willie co-write his biggest charting hit since Boom Shake The Room.

At a guess, i’d say it was a connect through mega producers the Trackmasterz aka Poke and Tone who Nasty worked closely with on It Was Written and were responsible for the production on Gettin Jiggy With It around the same time. Both the Trackmasterz and Nas were managed by industry big-wig (and known sly muthafka) Steve Stoute at the time also.

Either way Nas is this weeks recipient of Ghostwriter of the Week!


Ghostwriter Of The Week: Freddie Foxxx


Bumpy Knuckles will always be Daddy Boot-Knocks “with burn marks on my hips from my twin glocks” to me. When i recently discovered he’d authored Salt N Pepa’s EnVogue featuring mega hit “Whatta Man”, its safe to say i bugged out. Freddie’s rep for no-nonsesnse behaviour precedes him having brought it to everyone from Ultramagnetic to Ja Rule, on the mic and in person.

You can thank Herbie Luv Bug who was producing for Salt N Pepa at the time for Bumpy’s feminine forays with a fountain pen. Hopefully he bagged one of those EnVogue broads on the video set too… Even mechanics walk around with thier tools!