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Epic Safety Clip

This ones for you Heata. Run Royal will commence back to it regular schedule when we fucking feel like it. Enjoy this powerful shit in between drinks.

Rozewood – On My Own

Haven’t really had much of an opportunity to get on here and talk about other peoples rap talk, arrange any DSTT for the year or edit the clusterfuck of interview footage I got on hand but it’s all there ready and waiting to be done. It’s worth waiting on. For a good part of the end of last year, life (as we all know) put on the full court press and didn’t let me get the outlet pass for the buckets haha.

Due to this, I missed a lot of new music. Aside from the face album, which is  nothing short of awesome I haven’t actively sought out anything or really been feeling much so I’ve fallen back to my staples.
Thankfully, the new ways of finding out about things, sent me my feed to which I was graced with this new joint by Rozewood. Have enjoyed some his past work but I’m really feeling this one. DJ Skizz’s laid back beat is perfect. “Death/Life, everything will come together” to kick the hook off. Works!

I guess after tasting the sour so often you learn to appreciate sweetness when it comes round…With so much going in life it’s refreshing to connect on something with someone over the other side of the world saying real shit with conviction.

I still be about that brolic ignat shit that makes you wanna belt a fucks face in but this caught my vibe today.

Give it a listen.


Matty Fresh – 100 Thousand


The Yokohama charmer, Matty Fresh has been busy tappin’ the pads and put together a tight 7 track instrumental up for free download to kick the year off right. Dope sample selection over some fresh MP drum patterns all tied in with some cool retro interludes.  Get your bars up to it and just get down with it.


Gaz Hazard – A King

A little something put together for our a mate who passed.

Don’t Sweat The Technique – Round 9 Results

I know a lot of you checked this round out but to the one person that had a crack at voting you’ve got a pretty damn good ear. You picked them all aside from Calski and Dazastah. Thanks again to everyone involved.

Don’t Sweat The Technique – Round 9

For this round of DSTT I put forward a track from a German record I picked up for $2 at a fair earlier in the year. It’s a strange record, a real mash Jazz, funk and some really open sounds of keys etc with varying tempos. Everything I want in a record to sample really. Some tracks have some German spoken word laid over the instrumentation . I’d love to get a translation of what he’s saying, that shit sounds serious.

Great use of the track from all producers. This segment was never intended to be a competition of who can make the best beat from the sample, that’s is a very subjective question in itself and we don’t want that shit here.  It’s intention is about listening to where the sample takes the producer and how their creativity gets them to the end result, if they use a whole loop or just a few notes of the melody. Thinking outside the box and putting forward a sample or a style of music to sample that’s out of someone’s comfort zone brings forward creativity in my opinion. Utilizing the skills and techniques to bring out your sound and letting the public see if they can pick it. This gives the public the opportunity to seek out some of the producers previous works also if they haven’t heard of them.

The sample probably wasn’t out of everyone’s comfort zone this round but it’s been fucking awesome to see what parts people chopped and looped and how creative everyone was. Thanks to all involved in the round.

Have a crack at guessing who made which beat during the week and I’ll reveal them Friday.

Original Sample

Beat 1

Beat 2

Beat 3

Beat 4

Beat 5

Beat 6

Beat 7

The poll tool on this host is fucking waksauce. If anyone has any better 3rd party suggestion that will work better please let me know in the comments!

Overproof Pete – Same As It Ever Was

Track I recorded back in 2013 that never made the cut on the Kold Heat album.
Beat by Sean B.

5 Recent Body Baggin Guest Appearances….

A good guest appearance seems to be few and far between these days. Maybe I’m not listening hard enough, no doubt I’ve probably been sleeping on releases but when a market is so flooded with singles, mixtapes and convoluted crossover cunts doing wak compilation type albums I either couldn’t be fucked catching it or I just go back to my staples. I’m all for change with production techniques, equipment, and sound and open to new artists and all that but there just doesn’t seem to be many ‘above the clouds’ or ‘verbal intercourse’ guest tracks of late?

It’s all so disposable. Too much invested trying to get industry placements from producers, weak attempts at getting vets on track that simply fall short..Simple lazy bars and weak attempts at albums. Where are the dudes coming up on guest spots, where’s the competitiveness between label mates? the list goes on….

Enough of me talking shit on the industry. Here’s 5 body bagging guest spots that I’ve caught from the last 5 or so years that have made the track or put the main artist/s back in their place.

Ghostface – In the Park ft. Black Thought

Ghost set it off nice and had some nice references in there and all but Black Thought took the meat off the rack with this. His delivery was hard as hell and his verse had that extra level of reference tied in painting the picture better. Ghost should have taken Action’s advice after this session, but you don’t wanna come at the god like that. One of the stand out track off this album in my opinion.

A$AP Nast – Trillmatic ft. Method Mad

Another one of those Harlem hipsters looking get a bit of shine by enlisting Mr. Mef. I’ve never been a huge fan of Method Man but when he’s on point he’s on point and this is a perfect example of putting young dudes in check. I don’t think Nast has put out a song since haha.

Evidence – Fame ft. Roc Marciano, Prodigy .

Classic album. Solid assists from Ev and Marc, they set it up and P corner pocketed that bitch. Still get amped on this verse with P giving his delivery a little more push and change up.

Statik Selektah – Carry On ft. Joey Bada$$, Freddie Gibbs.

Freddie Kane pretty much blacks out on every guest verse he does most recently, burning young boy Josef who stayed shooting the shit with his bars and sounding a little struggled for breath, Freddie came with that water whipping cracked out automatic flow that everyone knows him for. I won’t bother listening to whatever album this is from unless someone puts it in my system for me. Dudes hate on me for saying it but I swear this Statik cunt brings out an album with every season! Whatever happened to quality over quantity? It aint all bad and this being one of those exceptions but a lot of his beats sounds like some talentless jacking over drum breaks, or he’s trying to emulate a another producers or sound. I respect the hustle if you use your muscle and I don’t see it all here.

Run The Jewels – Close Your Eyes ft. Zack de la Rocha

The ones more of a case of the guest making the track as Killer Mike goes hard a fuck. Being a massive RATM fan and not hearing anything from the front man in so long, my opinion towards this is slightly skewed. As repetitive as the hook is it works and his verse is on point. That dude is such a good writer he needs a album with the right beats put behind him. I read somewhere in an interview that el-p is working with him again on RTJ3 which should be something to look forward to. Do yourself a number and get both the albums if you haven’t already.

Jedi Mind Tricks – Uncommon Valor: A Vietnam Story ft. R.A. The Rugged Man

I know its old but I couldn’t go past mentioning  R.A’s verse on this as I was listening to it the other week. It raises hairs on the back of my neck.  Stoupe’s production is so haunting with RA’s war tales. No surprise, Vinnie gets bodied a few times on this album as he has on his previous works. I’m not a huge fan of JMT so it’s easy for me to say. He’s goes alright on this joint though. It’s worth a look for this and Ill Bills verse on Heavy Metal Kings.

Can’t think of anything else right now but feel free to link us up some more of recent in the comments.

750 Rebels – Own Worst Enemy (A Tribute to Bottles)

Rest in Peace Bottles!

10 Seconds Sample Time – Dazed

The first of many interviews from a recent trip to Melbourne, Australia. We took some time out of our hangover to take a studio tour and have a conversation with Melbourne MC/Producer, Dazed. Cheers!

Run Royal Competition Giveaway


We have a double pass to the recently released ‘Straight Outta Compton’ in your state (Australia Only) plus a large Run Royal T-Shirt. Even if you’ve seen the movie, can’t squeeze a Large T, or are from OS, sign up anyway and keep in the loop as we’ll be offering some things to you exclusively.

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Spread the word and good luck!


9 Seconds Sample Time – Grandz Muzik


Producing with Buda the Future as the duo know as Buda Grandz, together they’ve produced for a lot of talent over the years with placements on some big industry records yet still working with closely and maintaining working relationships with a handful of underground artists. Thanks to Grandz Muzik for taking time out for 10 seconds of sample time. I fucked up and gave dude an older version with the tenth question omitted. Obviously he’s a busy man so I’ll run it like this and if he ever get back to me on who he’d pick between Buckwild and Dimond D, I’ll be sure to edit the post.

1. You get a creative urge at a time outside when you normally work. What’s do you do? Do both you and Buda build off solo ideas that may have been demo’s during these creative urges. How do you work?

Yes we do. Sometimes I’ll get an idea, and I’ll start it on the laptop, and when we meet we will finish the track. And sometimes he has some ideas on his laptop, and I’ll finish them off when we get together in the studio. We make sure we meet at least 3 times a week to get work done. It’s always different, other times we just create from scratch when we are in the lab.

2. Your tracks complete minus the drums. Your choices for layering are ‘The Honey Drippers – Impeach the President’ and ‘Skull Snaps – It’s a new day’. Which do you choose and why?

I’m a big fan of the impeach the president drum break, it’s probably one of the most used breaks of all time in hip hop. There’s a reason for that, I think it’s because it’s such a clean fat recording and the swing is crazy on it.

3. Name a producer or song that has changed your approach to sampling.

For me it’s probably DJ Premier, when I listen to the original sample he used on a lot of his tracks, I’m always amazed on how he flips it. He can take the smallest portion of the sample, and turn it into a masterpiece.  Rza also has a great ear for samples.

4. Are there any underground MC’s that have caught your ear which you would like to or are currently working with?

As far as underground MC’s I gotta be honest, I’m usually out the loop. Buda has his ear to the street more than I do. I usually try and stay away from the radio, and Internet whenever possible. That’s why we work so well together, we compliment each other’s strengths.

5. Incredible production but the MC let it down. Name a track or album like this.

Not really into specifically calling anyone out. Can’t think of any project in particular. But there are plenty of albums/tracks I don’t like. Lol

6. What do you think gives a producer a signature sound, how much do you think equipment/software and sample selection has to do with it over their processes used?

I think when a producer uses similar elements/sounds in a lot of his/her beats it gives them a signature sound. It can even be the way his tracks are mixed that can give him that sound. I am a firm believer that equipment and software have very little to do with your sound. I can make a track in Ableton, fruity loops, logic, or pro tools. And it still will sound the way I want. It comes from the mind and not the software.

7. Can you tell us a little bit more about the Vidstrumental project your working on?

We are working on a vidstrumental project right now. It’s gonna be a collection of beats we have made that have a certain feeling to them.  They are beats that we can visualize a story from. We are just looking for the right director to put all our ideas together.

8. How do you feel about this statement. “I found the sample on you tube” Do you think sampling from an online sources takes away something from the art of beatmaking?

Not necessarily, again it’s all up to the individual and how creative they get with it. There are producers that dig all day everyday, and make wack beats. But on the flip side there are others that sample themselves or take a super popular sample and make a masterpiece.

9. If you had 5k cash at your disposal when you first started out what would have you bought sooner for your studio

Definitely a faster better iMac, lol. Having a dated or slow computer can really hinder your creative process.

The Streets Barber

Thought Id post up something a little different today. I’ve been following this guy on IG for a while and his weekly story’s are inspirational. He’s a recovering drug addict who’s got clean and helps out the homeless by cutting their hair on the side expecting nothing in return. Make’s you realize, no matter how rough things might be for you there’s always someone out there doing it a little rougher.  Sometimes rich hearts are covered under poor coats.

Do something good for someone during your day and go follow @thestreetsbarber

Dave East – Demons

You should know who Dave East is by now but if you don’t go do yourself a favour an download all his mixtapes, Black Rose especially..Dudes a beast! Best thing out of Harlem, NY since Big L in my opinion. His latest mixtape offering “Hate Me Now”, drops October 2. Decent guests and production on this.

Run Royal DJs – The Workers Club

This Saturday night at The Workers Club, Fitzroy come party with us. Plenty of funk, soul and hip-hop for your ear to hear. Ugh!