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45 FRIDAY – LARRY SANDERS “Story Of My Love”


45 FRIDAY – Z.Z. HILL “I Think I’d Do It”

Happy Easter from NATAS


45 FRIDAY – BOBBY JONES “My Confession”

RUN ROYAL EXCLUSIVE – “98:Foundation” (Trailer)

In the late 2000’s Bias B approached Heata regarding an idea to make a local documentary about the release of his Beeswax LP from 1998. Together with Discourse they formed a film crew and began interviewing people regarding the early years and development of Australian Hip Hop pre the 2000’s.
As more people were interviewed, the team started to realise that the project was bigger than just the story of one album. And so, the film took a different direction.This here is a Trailer cut from their interviews over time with original stock footage.

We feel that “98:Foundation” is a very important story to tell, not just for those who were around in the early days, but also for future generations to understand and respect the architects. This project has not been completed, with ideas waiting to be developed and funded towards a full length Doco feature. The trailer is just an example of what it could be with many more people yet to be interviewed and filmed.
With the assistance and hard work of people such as B Wiv (Daniel Cowan), Josh Davis & Trem One, the “98” trailer stands ready for future development. The burning question is….”would any one want to see this made into a full length Film?” So where to from here……

HEATA – Executions (PROMO VIDEO)


750 Rebels JAKE BIZ, LAZY GREY & DJ DCIDE hit the stage on Friday Feb 6 at THE LAUNDRY BAR, Fitzroy, Melbourne with the first official live launch showcasing their latest album “KOLD HEAT”.

Supports on the night… none finer than CIECMATE (BTE), GAZ HAZARD, PROPHET RAYZA, DJ’S HEATA & FX, so best be about it!

Tickets available now online here –……

LEWS TEWNS & NOBSTA NUTTS – “Still Skint” (2002)

The ill Welsh crew made up of MC Nobsta Nutts & Lews Tewns with DJ Dek Masha-Slicer Man (together also known as The Headcase Ladz) came on some twisted shit for their “Bugger All Money” EP. Not everyone’s cup of tea but back in 2002, this shit stood out like dog’s balls to me. The live drums smash like a dusty breakbeat and the fellas do whatever they god damn please on the mic, complete with back up vocal fuck-ups. Love it!

Diggin’ in 2015. Off to a good start….

Happy New Year RunRoyalers. We hope y’all have had a great Christmas and New Years. Here’s a few records I managed to dig from Oppy’s, Antique Shops & general shitty spots over the last week on a fam holiday from Melbourne to Bundalong and anywhere in between. Pretty stoked with some of these!


The Grand Trailer Park Taverna DJ Sessions #1

Francis underwood Sessions FINAL INSTAGRAM

“Go Robbie!!!”

Trust me….Y’all gotta watch this….and yeah….. Rakim’s on stage too!



This right here in my opinion are the 2 most powerful Burgers in Melbourne. I would love to tell you their names, but that would ruin the surprise of making the trip to this fine establishment and finding out for yourself.

Located at 55-61 Princes Hwy, Dandenong, owner Dani & Head Chef Terri have taken the Burger game to another level. I first discovered this place over a year ago thru following Jimmy’s Burgers and have come to call this place a second home. The staff are incredible and the service is second to none. The place can be packed and you will never wait. Outstanding.

Also, check the graf out the back. I don’t pretend to be an expert in this field but know that some Kings have been around this place and left their mark. All approved by the venue which is yet another reason why this place is top notch!

Just ask Dedlee! Burger game on lock! Highly recommended.



PRETTY TONE CAPONE – Case Dismissed (1992)

How many of y’all know what Super 8 film is? For those that don’t, it’s 8mm Film Stock. Super 8 was the home movie camera format from 1965 thru to the invention of the videotape based home systems of the late 70’s. Super 8mm generally cost around $30 for a 3minute reel (well it was when I was buying it in the 80’s/90’s), that would have to be sent to a camera distribution dealer such as Eastman Kodak for developing. Ahh, the beauty of film. I can go on about it for days, but know that digital in any capacity, will never achieve film’s raw beauty and look. Period. Expensive yes, worth it? Absolutely, viable and affordable by today’s standards? Not so much. Technology wins again. Moving on….

The point of the above blurb now leads us back to this clip. It was shot on Super 8mm film in 1992. Really, someone still using this film format in the 90’s? Pretty much unheard of. The footage is raw as fuck. Dirty grain ridden exposures and next to nothing lighting set ups, this clip reminds me of my first short films I was shooting around the age of 12. Handheld and ruff as guts.

This clip is so raw not just because of the film stock, but also because of the history and crew involved. Mobstyle were no joke! Harlem heavy hitters in the dope game & the streets who came with a vicious style plus a very public on record hatred for NWA. PT Pacino called em fakes, studio gangstas, and reportedly, PT was rumoured to be responsible for starting a riot at an NWA gig back in the day in NY.

The track is furious and the injection of vocal samples from the film “…And Justice For All” re-enacted by the actors in the clip is classic. But hands down, the street heaters pulled out in the clip are heavy as fuck. The stand-out scene has to be the Barber Shop scene where PT is getting a “T” shaved in his chest by the barber.

Judge – “You’re out of order!’

PT – “You’re out of order! If I do time I’ll kidnap ya daughter!”


Directed by Roy Taylor

Joey Gargoyle “In Loving Memory” Gig @ Laundry Bar, Fitzroy, Melbourne, November 21st 2014


Recently, our Hired Goons & BTE crews amongst many family and friends, lost our dear friend Joey Gargz from this world. Never to be forgotten, Joey’s legacy and friendship will be with us forever. If you are in Melbourne on Nov.21st, 2014, head down to the Laundry Bar in Fitzroy and come celebrate his life through music amongst family & friends. Sure to be an amazing night in memory of Gargz! Rest In Power brother.