About The Team

No Wikipedia references, jacked photos of other people’s collections or links were needed for the knowledge bombs dropped on Run Royal.

Respect and acknowledgement goes out to those runnin’ game before us and continuely into the future.

Roll Call – Rob Nat @ unkut.com, Egotripland, NahRight, Dallaspenn, Strictly Cassette & Combat Jack amongst many. One love!


River city raised, vinyl junkie and occasional beat maker from the Karsniogenics camp. Here to rep the legacy and play my part in preserving the culture.



Beatmaker/MC from the 750 Rebels Brisbane, Australia. Stay true to what I was taught and share that knowledge and skill with anyone willing to look and listen. Do all I can for my crew and the foundation laid before me.



I’m merely a carrier vessel for the preservation and continuation of what I consider right and wrong with the perseverence and furtherance of hip hop in its contextual and cultural form.

I also fuck with shoes.



Shepparton born & raised in ’74. Hip Hop head since ’84. From Beat Street to Kings Konekted, there is so much to respect & celebrate in the Hip Hop world. Game recognise game.

Hired Goons crew Melbourne, VIC, Australia.


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