Ghostwriter of the Week: Sauce Money

For the uninitiated Sauce Money was a childhood friend of Jay-Z and an early affiliate of Rocafella Records, appearing most notably on the DJ Premier produced Bring It On off Hov’s debut Reasonable Doubt. Sauce Money also appeared on Big Daddy Kane’s 1994 album Daddy’s Home, on the posse cut Show N Prove which also featured a young Jay-Z, Shyheim and Ol Dirty. He dropped a solo album in 2000 called Middle Finger U which wasn’t too bad, I remember the 12″ off it was produced by Preemo.

All of that aside, Sauce Money found his greatest success in the music industry as a pen-for-hire during the 90’s and early 2000’s. One of his most notable credits was penning for the artist and label head formerly known as Puff Daddy on his 1997 tribute to Biggie, The Police sampling, I’ll Be Missing You. Knowing that you required another MC to pen a tribute to a person you were supposedly close with (Puff and BIG) doesn’t sit well with me but then again Puffy’s never pretended or hid from the fact that he’s not the most adept rap writer on the planet, remember.. “Don’t worry if I write rhymes, I write checks..”

Regardless, Sauce scored a Grammy for penning Puff’s apparently heartfelt sentiment and – from all reports – continues to get paid well off of his work for Bad Boy and the Roc. As a side note, I’ll Be Missing You is ranked by Billboard as one the top 100 selling singles of all time with sales in excess of 8 million

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