Throwback Thursday – Babble-On


$2 pots and $3 shots made for some fucking good hip-hop nights put on by the babble-on boys. No to mention the club where they came up promoting their first shows backed on to a gash bar. You could sneak though the back door behind the adjoining bar for some mutton if you so obliged. Don’t worry I wont be dry snitchin’ any detail now or in future of finer details but fun was had and in big fucking spades!!! I Just wanted to post and pay homage to those that have helped along the way and deserve some recognition.

It blows me away to think these shows were over 10 years ago! For a bunch of low life, Southside drunks barely on the right path, we (Town Drunxxx) got a few supports circa 02-03. Babble-On kept the torch alight from the Ric’s café, max break & the alley bar shows, keeping the locals with a regular outlet and the punters happy with a good variety of local and interstate acts, not to mention that pussy actually turned up to hip hop shows back then and got turned out. You didn’t have to be p-noid you were chatting up a bitch some dude was cuffin. The sense of community was regained, the battle scene here in briz was alive, DJs actually had skills and selected records for the task at hand.

Things got bigger, the clubs got bigger, the acts booked were international, dudes bought pre sold tickets knowing that mother fucker would sell out. You would see flyers posted every suburb south to west, word of mouth got you there. I struggle now with some of these fuck arse cunts trying to promote a show with a facebook post and moshtix link.  Where’s your gumption and passion? where did the punters go? Is no one of the younger generation a fan before an artist? Where the fuck is the culture ffs?

Enough of a rant. A big thank to the Babble-on boys, the OG 143 massive and everyone else involved back then. Some great memories. Also,  big up and repect to the likes of the 469 boys for carrying the torch and bringing back that good old fashion Brisbane Bullshit. You cunts are doing it right! Thankyou!


LC – Murderous Metaphors Launch – The Rev, 2005

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Tha Liks – Farewell Tour – The Arena, 2/9/06

IMG_0074 IMG_0075 IMG_0076 IMG_0080 IMG_0082 IMG_0084

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  1. Excellent post! I was thinking about those days recently. I’ve still got a lot of the fliers from around that time… It’s crazy to think that a lot of those shows were well over 10 years ago now.

    Good times!

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  2. Great read fellas! Love this stuff.


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