Warn a Brother…Wu-Tang sucks

Man, I feel sorry for whoever bought the one of kind copy of this LP which went for a few milli earlier in the year. I’ve often wondered how much of a head fuck it would be to put a wu tang album together, thinking that hard should have been enough reason for the RZA to call the Wu quits after Iron Flag anyway, it’s a cash cow with the hipsters these days though.

20 something year on and most of us aint expecting a 36 chambers but this shit is just a weird listen from start to finish, almost awkward with the peculiar sung hooks like on ‘Felt’ and ‘mistaken identity’, ABC flows from most members and more wak punch lines ‘than a late John Belushi flick’. Retarded story telling from U-God (standard), as I quote his opening line on ‘Mistaken Identiy’ ‘hunnnnuuuunnnunnnahhh’, dude sounds like a stuttering crack addict (it probably not far from the truth). GZA’s sounding mad wavy from the sauce on ‘Hold the Heater’. Ghost and Deck redeem a few spots here and there but all I see here is a fat Warner Breh check, the RZA fucking off on some magical musical orgy and calling in some old ‘mate’s’ in for few rounds of cluster fuck. No more albums will be a ‘better tomorrow’.

If you see the new Wu Tang – Warner Brother….

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  1. I went into listening mode with an open mind….
    I streamed “A Better Tomorrow” before my purchase…
    Then never purchased it….
    sounded as enthusiastic as GZA’s last performance in Briz.. Straight ass…
    Production was the biggest let down though for me…

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    • Totally @Donnie, I steamed it today not once but twice haha. I’ve come to expect that their content and delivery to never be what it was from most of these dudes when they throw down as the Wu-Tang, which is a shame as their body of solo work and guest appearances of late and guest has had some real shine Method man and Rae espescially. I had expected a shitload more from the beats too. Reading interviews with RZA and how he was taking it back to the gritty essence pfff (fucking sales pitch) then you get these transexual beats that are just fucking weird and your trying to figure out what the fuck it is.
      Mathematics should have done the whole album


  2. Yeah spot on fellas!


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