Jewel Runners Make the Name Stick

Alongside Madlib and Freddie Gibbs’s Pinata, Run the Jewels 2 would have to be one of the most refreshing albums this year for me. Production is heaps more amped than their 1st album. It’s like a mix of some proper down south seatbelt music (minus all the garbage trappy shit I’m hearing) melded with a little bit of experimental uprocking electro. Sounds fucking weird don’t it? well, it kinda is but you wouldn’t expect much less from El-P.

It’s not a long album but it certainly doesn’t feel short, with each tracks production melding into one another. From the Jump El-P puts its best in his last few lines of ‘Jeopardy’,  “Mother fuck your permission, was never yours to begin with, every bar of that bitch shit you spit is your fucking prison. Run the Jewels is the answer, the question is what’s poppin!” THAT! is Run the Jewels in a nutshell. Balls out, fuck your shit ours is better and we don’t give two fucking fucks! Classic and continuous chemistry that so many albums lack these days.I miss whole albums produced by just one producer. Big ups to the likes of Marco Polo, Ray West, Apollo Brown that keep that tradition and continuity for the culture.

I’m not going to crap on track for track, it’s back to back dope in my opinion. Big notes to the ‘fuck the system’ burn the jail down fight music with Zach De La Rocha featuring on ‘Close your Eyes’. Dude needs to rap more! That chopped up vocal in the hook is catchy as shit too. Shouts to the track on them ratchets that like that D in the mouf…Reference’s to ratchets taking the D is pretty standard really, if your rap scrolls don’t have reference to such Id be questioning your music and yourself anyways. RTJ gets them extra gold coins though, paying homage with  Akinyele in the title, sticking the D in the bitches mouth all day and making a awesome rap song for them bitches to sing about it.

Run the Jewels 2 = “That fuckboy shit about to be repelled fuckboy Jihad, kill infidels Allah Akbar, boom from Mike and El”

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