CLASSIC FILMCLIPS : EL-P – Deep Space 9mm (2002)

The lead single “Deep Space 9mm”, off EL-P’s 1st solo LP after Company Flow, “Fantastic Damage” is a real frkn ball tearer….and the clip is outstanding!!!

This project is a perfect example of the clip marrying beautifully with the song and its message. Shot on a shoestring budget, the concept is strong, original and powerfully executed. The grimey almost non-existant grade which is completely desaturated creates a colourless, bleak environment for El to travel around in, encountering the worlds paranoia and lack of trust from those around him. Fear and social instability follow P throughout his journey and it’s the handheld camera work that  perfectly creates this sense of uncertainty in an unstable world. With the clip also being shot at night, P’s world feels even darker and creepier. The clip also benefits from a great edit.

Gritty stuff.




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