Slaughterhouse – Y’all Ready Know


It’s not that i don’t like Slaughterhouse, it’s just that i don’t really like Slaughterhouse. They’re not as great as the sum of their parts and by that i mean that individually they all achieve, and in some cases excel behind the mic but collectively they just don’t mesh. Half way through this clip i started looking at a Pharcyde 12″ i had next to me and thinking that that Drop remix by The Beatminerz is fucking dope! See nothing here really works for me, Preem’s production sounds like a well mixed outtake from his Beats That Collected Dust series and i then have to wait until the end to hear one MC really kill it (Crooked I – just in case you can’t be bothered hanging around until the end). I’m not on some “oh woe is me” shit here either, but tell me you don’t think the same when you hear Preemo’s cuts, it pains me to say it..

I’m not hating though, i’m happy to see Preem getting some of that Shady/Interscope money and it’s also nice to see Marshall finally cutting Royce in on a piece of his lucrative pie after all these years!


Out of courtesy i included that Beatminerz remix of Drop i mentioned earlier. It’s dope and it saves you having to hunt down the 12″ roughly two minutes through the above clip.

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hip hop and rap music fundamentalist and obsessive. I still know every word on Straight Outta Compton... I also like shoes.

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