Sex, Drugs & Laser Guns: Non Phixion Reunite!

Its no secret to those that know me but Non Phixion were one of my favorite groups. From the minute i bought the I Shot Reagan 12″ i marveled at the combined chemistry of Ill Bill, Goretex, Sabac Red and DJ Eclipse. Mainstays of the mid to late 90’s indie hip hop movement Non Phixion released a slew of independant singles via Fatbeats before their debut album The Future Is Now exploded onto the scene in 2002. The quartet disbanded amidst rumors of infighting shortly after the albums release and were never seen on stages as a full functioning unit again… That is until the recent Cypress Hill show at NYC’s Best Buy Theatre.

I don’t know much about the reunion – that only took place this past Friday –  and whether or not new music is in the works but regardless, this is exciting news. Peep the footage below.

About jakebiz

hip hop and rap music fundamentalist and obsessive. I still know every word on Straight Outta Compton... I also like shoes.

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