Mash-Out Mondays

Monday’s aren’t always the most anticipated of days especially when considering that there is now another five more sleeps until you can go out and get fucked up again. I like to think of Monday’s as a new begining, a clean slate waiting to be etched by another week of achievement and forward momentum. I find no greater motivation than to have the Mash Out Posse scream gun noises and obscenities at me (via my headphones) as i trudge the well worn path to my chosen vocation.. I thought you might enjoy the same.

Here’s a few of The MoPeeez lesser known known joints to make your ears bleed this fine morning.


Cormega featuring MOP – Let It Go!

I just recently discovered this animated clip for one of my favourite collaborations, between the world famous M dot O dot P dot and Cormega, taken from Mega’s 2004 “street album” Legal Hustle. I’d actually forgotten how good this joint is, Li’l Fame drops nothing but scene stealing verses in my books. Everything about this track wins!


Bad Boy Family featuring MOP & Busta Rhymes – Bad Boy For Life (Remix)

Back in 2002 Puffy and the Bad Boy Family put out the wishfully titled We Invented The Remix, an album packed with largely commercial reworkings of their already largely commercial hit records. This joint here was a good look though, Puffy’s recruitment of Billy and Fame to scream bloody-blue murder alongside Busta had the gully-meter redlining… I imagine Puffy cut them a handsome check for their services also.


Red Hot Lover Tone featuring Biggie Smalls, MOP and Organised Konfusion – 4 My Peeps

After a brief liaison with the mic Red Hot Lover Tone would go on to become one half of the famed super producer duo The Hitmakerz aka Poke & Tone. In 1995 he gave rapping a go with mixed results, he wasn’t that good. Though in hindsight he did manage to feature both MOP and Biggie on the same Buckwild produced track, Prince Po shows up as well but when Fame spits “old school or new school i’ll beat yo ass like its freshman day” this joint is over with! Classic 90’s posse cut steez and to my knowledge MOP’s only recorded performance alongside the late  great Christopher Wallace.


MOP – Hilltop Flava  (No Sleep Til Brooklyn)

Fizzy and Danzenie pay their own unique brand of homage to the Beastie Boys’ classic No Sleep Til Brooklyn on their shelved Rocafella debut, Ghetto Warfare. This saw an independant release in the latter 2 thows following a period of major label purgatory where the BK duo were stuck between Rocafella, Sony and G-Unit.  This track can also be found (albeit in a far less polished state) on a Greenlantern mixtape that has various rappers covering the Beastie Boys classics.



Mashout Mondays… Make ya ears bleed!



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hip hop and rap music fundamentalist and obsessive. I still know every word on Straight Outta Compton... I also like shoes.

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