Action Bronson – Easy Rider

I’ll be honest with ya, i haven’t been fucking with Bronsilino much of late. He’s about four years into his rap career and i’m pretty sure the dude has a catalogue as long as Tupac’s by now. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing either. I was enjoying Action when i first heard him on Ray Lewis and Imported Goods and Shiraz and I continued paying attention (and money) up until the Well Done album with Statik Selektah. But I stopped paying attention somewhere around then, I couldn’t give you an exact date but at a point I started seeing the dude in such a myriad of different interests that I lost interest.

It was nothing personal, I just started glossing over him. Every album had an obligatory guest verse, he had cooking shows and tasting shows, weed smoking implements, mixtapes, downloads and free albums then wax only ep’s… Shit, I think he might’ve even been doing stand-up there for a minute.  I couldn’t keep up, the saturation reached a point and he got away from me… Until this morning when I got around to watching the video for his new song – another collab with producer Party Supplies – Easy Rider!

This shit is ridiculously good, i’ve watched it three times and I might watch it again once i’m finished here. Just as importantly, the track is kinda dope! Bronson is a fuckin superstar regardless of me paying attention to him or not and he does his thing on the mic as well. When we’re not sitting there being critical of every little thing there’s a real sense of enjoyment you can get out of a good Action Bronson track.. and this is a good Action Bronson track!

You’ll see this video on every other blog and website but fuck it, watch it there as well.

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hip hop and rap music fundamentalist and obsessive. I still know every word on Straight Outta Compton... I also like shoes.

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