Hit em’ with that…

Hit em’ with that bass! That’s fucking right. For ‘The Stand Out Samples’ this post, In no particular order here are 15 tracks with  standout bass lines that punch you straight in the bread basket.

Single Minded Pros feat. Pacewon – You know its like that.
Produced by Dj Rude (Earatik Statik and Single Minded Pros)

Not much in the way of a production credits from this DJ/Producer but what more do you need than the bellowing finger picked bass, tight kit and Brick City’s Pacewon (The Outsidaz) finishing it off?
You’ll find this track on Tony Touch – The Last Of The Pro Ricans, CD or from the original Single minded Pros – Session 2, 12″

Black Moon – How Man MC’s
Produced by the Da BeatMinerz (Evil Dee & Mr. Walt)

Taken from the 93 classic, Enta Da Stage. This album is gully as fuck. The production from the minerz is incredible! The whole LP has that filthy low end sample based, organic sound which came to be that 90’s sound me and my mates love. This one being my personal standout with that nice pop bass.

M.O.P. – Cold As Ice
Produced by Fizzy Womack

This track speaks for itself. Mo-pees on some cold ass thug shit. It could have fallen under a piano keys category but Fizzy’s chops and compression pushed on the bass sampled from, you guessed it… Cold as Ice by Foreigner make this shit certified body music. You’ll find this track on Mash Outs Warriorz album.

Big Punisher feat. Fat Joe – Twinz (Deep Cover 98)
Originally produced by Dr. Dre

A quality track of Pun’s Capital Punishment. I’m favorable to this one a little more than the OG joint Deep Cover 187 by Dre and Snoop. Not sure where this bass is from. It’s nothing that technical, just a simple yet effective loop. Its the little two bar intro that always sticks out in my mind and works its magic when the uptempo drum break, making room for blackout out back 2 back straight spittin.

Alchemist feat. Prodigy and Nas -Tic Toc
Produced by The Alchemist

Bang two bars of this Side Effect original on 45 and mix it with some of that ALC sound you get a certified banger. 80’s Soul/Funk with a new lease on life.
Both Capital P and Nas bring their A game to this one on some good vs bad rotten apple story telling biz.
This track features on Alchemist’s 1st official release 1st Infantry

Cage – Radiohead.
Produced by Necro.

Mr. Palko was always a little left of field, this was when he was on the good side of the end zone and not teasing his hairr, singing about feelings with pseudo-emo weathermen..Anyways, its not about the rapper its about the bass on the beat. Necro’s a beast on the boards. No one can argue he’s fallen off either..Peep Gihad off OB4CL2..Shit is fire!!
Here’s a down tempo beat with the simple progressive blues riff, thickened up with some organ and crunchy synth, works sick under cage’s dipped out word play. Still love this track regardless of the above. Not sure what its from maybe a Fondle Em 12″?

Ghostface Killah – Daytona 500
Produced by The Rza

Almost forgot about this little gemstone. Ya’ll know Bob James right? A damn fine track here produced by the RZA. He’s lifted this break and given what could be a guitar a good low boost to make sound more like a bass. Shit sounds like a bass to me. Taken from the 96 Classic Ironman.

“The Mac 10 flex, wipe cats like Windex!”

Dr. Dre. – Aint Nuthin But a G Thang
Produced by Dr. Dre.

I could have done 10 tracks on Dre alone but I’ve settled for one I hold closely from The Chronic. Many a drunken nights in the past and to the day involve a sang of the G thang, sometimes I even alternate from Dre then passing the mic back to my delf so I can bust like a bubble. Chea!
The break a straight jack of Leon Haywood. The bass walk is some straight up G Funk. Say no more?

Mobb Deep – Quiet Storm.
Produced by Havoc

One of my all time favourite Mobb Joints right here. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think the bass sample sounds like White Lines just slowed down and beefed up? This track features on Murda Muzik

“I put my Lifetime in between the papers lines”

OC -Times Up
Produced by Buckwild

Buckwild straight jacking and loopin it out. Hypnotic bass over a nice open kit with OC flexin some incredible lyricism. This got a bit more play in when it was featured on the 8 mile soundtrack. Nice dirty 90’s shit.

Showbiz & AG – Next Level (Nyte Time Mix)
Producer : DJ Premier

An all time classic album, Incredible production throughout from the baddest mar fuckers in the game. I’m slightly biased with this one as Andre’s one in the top 5 of my goats… Premo doing what he does best on this remix. Seeing A do this live was something special. Everyone who was at that show know how dope he threw down. Mad humble dude in person too.

“No surrender and no retreat”

Eric B. and Rakim – Dont sweat the technique.

Produced by Eric B.

Sax, snap backs, bass slaps, and bitches with back!!! This Clip stinks of the early 90’s with bad bomber jackets, leather snap back caps, bitches with perms, heavy chains and pendants and of course Eric B throwin’ off his best ice grill. Haha!

I think “Paid In Full” should also get a mention but this fretless jazzy bass melody lifted for the track accompanied with the sax and drum break holds a little more weight for me as far as how well pronounced the bass rolls throughout. Not sure were the bass is from on this one.

“Mc’s wanna beef when I play for keeps”

Notorious BIG -Juicy
Produced by Sean “Puffy” Combs.

Taken from the debut LP Ready to die, this being the 1st single. After the little high hat intro with keys and that tight pop and slap bass comes through the break you’ll know why I chose this. The 12″ features an instrumental remix by Pete Rock. In my opinion the remix comes nowhere close without them bass and drums throughout, still worth a look though.

“Fuck all you hoes. Get a grip”

Alkoholiks – Only When I’m Drunk
Produced by E-Swift

Taken From The Liks 1st LP. This break section features on It’s My Thing by EPMD off Strictly Business which came out prior to this 93 release. To be honest I’m more a fan of Tash and J-Ro going back and forth on this, plus I think E-Swift is an extremely underrated DJ/Producer.

The track Seven Minutes of Funk has been passed around like a cheap slapper through the hip hop generations. Most recently heard it on Giantz ta thiz from NYGz Album, Welcome to G-Dom with Premo using the same section. The effect on the bass is fucking timeless and catchy as all shit,  aint it!

“I get drunk and I stumble to the phone and conjure up a bitch to bone when I’m alone”

Phat Kat feat. Elzhi – Cold Steel
Produced by J.Dilla

Fight music right here. Downtuned and thickened up with a dope progression. I know its not a bass maybe a clavinet? shit is relentless. Dilla’s choped it that nice you couldn’t even pick it.
As for the spits, Phat Kat murks this within the first two bars. The power in his voice in that last verse make me want to go out and break something!
The album .

“Jumping out with long barrels with expansion clips”

Man I could go on and on….Please add more to the comments section!

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