Stetsasonic – Go Stetsa

According to hip hop folklore – and for those of us that weren’t there, if you happened to be at the famed Manhattan night spot Latin Quarters in the mid to late 80’s and you heard the drums from the start of “Go Stetsa” drop, it was time to grab ya girl and tuck ya chain!

Before there was The Roots there was Digital Underground and before that there was Stetsasonic. Hailing from Brooklyn and arguably hip hop’s first band, Go Stetsa is an amazing track from thier 1986 debut album On Fire and if those Brooklyn Hard Rocks were up in the LQ and this got played, it was time to make room… “Go Brooklyn! Go Brooklyn! Go Brooklyn!”

Its my opinion that MC Delight rocks this with flows and cadences that sound as good today as they did nearly 30 years ago… Stetsasonic members Prince Paul and Frukwan (RIP) would go on to form the Gravediggaz with The RZA the following decade, while Paul would find greater recognition for his groundbreaking work on De La Soul’s first three albums.

Go Stetsa!

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hip hop and rap music fundamentalist and obsessive. I still know every word on Straight Outta Compton... I also like shoes.

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