Ghostwriter Of The Week: Freddie Foxxx


Bumpy Knuckles will always be Daddy Boot-Knocks “with burn marks on my hips from my twin glocks” to me. When i recently discovered he’d authored Salt N Pepa’s EnVogue featuring mega hit “Whatta Man”, its safe to say i bugged out. Freddie’s rep for no-nonsesnse behaviour precedes him having brought it to everyone from Ultramagnetic to Ja Rule, on the mic and in person.

You can thank Herbie Luv Bug who was producing for Salt N Pepa at the time for Bumpy’s feminine forays with a fountain pen. Hopefully he bagged one of those EnVogue broads on the video set too… Even mechanics walk around with thier tools!


About jakebiz

hip hop and rap music fundamentalist and obsessive. I still know every word on Straight Outta Compton... I also like shoes.

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  1. Bumpy’s feminine forays with a fountain pen.That is all..


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