Blow the Horns on Em’

Getting a little blog adventurous and sparking a bit of a theme focusing on outstanding production, drilling down on instrument specific sounds that stand out on a track and make the record.

Here are 5 personal favorites that spring to mind that utilize the horns. I could go on but I’ll keep this to 5…Feel free to add your in the coments section!

Copywright – Fuck Soundcheck

Produced by RJD2

Copy’s 1st release to wax, this track also featured on his debut The High Exhaulted. You either fuck with this dude or you don’t. I personally ain’t fucked with much after this the 1st lp and some weathermen tracks.

A very slept on LP in my opinion. Pretty cohesive album with all beats taken care of by RJD2 and Mighty Mi. Copywright had already established his niche fan base taking out several freestyle battles years prior and then got put on by the now debunk Eastern Conference, which back then held the crown for white boy rappers and weirdo’s.

RJD2 chops these horns real nice, throwing some tight stabs, bass, topped off with some of the best wordplay and punchlines from that time. Don’t front!

“While I’m here I use the planet as a platform, to plant panic in faggots and bash em with a mask on”

Ludacris – Roll Out (My Business)

Produced by Timberland

Love him or hate him Timberland’s produced some pretty good shit. This track right here is one of them. Simple and effective using some Cuban horns over programmed drum patterns and synth leads.

I rate that old Ludacris DTP shit. He’s got a presence and charisma when he gets on some shit like this. This track taken from Word of Mouf. Clip reminds me of NBA Jam.

“That’s eighty-thousand bucks GONE, where in the fuck did you spend it?”

Big Noyd feat. Prodigy – The Grimey Way

Produced by Alchemist

This would have to be up there as one of my favorite ALC beats. Hard drums, dope horns and a gully down 16 from Noyd with P on the hook FTW. QB thoro dun!

Original break performed by the heavily sampled group The Stylistics

Don’t forget I rock for those lovin it, those thuggin it, holes in they clothes and the less unfortunate

Blaq Poet – Dont give fuck
Produced by DJ Premier

Straight up fight music!!. A combination of chopped horns, bellowing low covered with saturated bass, screeching trumpets stabbing in and out on the 3rd and 4th complimented with them signature premier drums and po’s “I will fuck you up” bars. I honestly though this album was a little lacking in parts as far as beat selection from po and the order of the tracks as a whole but ones like this make it worth the purchase. More classic southside smashin’

I’m ten time deadly, ready, aim steady, one in ya head and the rest for your belly

Pete Rock & C.L Smooth – They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y)
Produced by Pete Rock

All time classic hip-hop joint from Pete Rock and C.L smooth’s debut Mecca and the soul brother. The song is a tribute to Pete Rock’s brother “Trouble T-roy” (Troy Dixon) who was a dancer for Heavy D and the Boyz and died after falling of a balcony after a concert in the 90’s.
I got a feeling this is a saxophone but fuck it..Shit burns. So god damn catchy over them drums. Pete Rock sampling Tom Scott’s cover of “Today” .
Check it half way through for the lift.

My God


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