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45 FRIDAY – LARRY SANDERS “Story Of My Love”

Dr. Yen Lo – Day 912

Finally a release date for Days With Dr. Yen Lo. Looking forward to this. Subtle reference to the Nightbreed 12 in the clip.


Holup Holup Pause That – What The Fuck He Just Say!?

I know, this shyts been done before on many a blog but upon revisiting last years Apollo Brown & Ras Kass’s classic, Blasphemy I picked up on a line that was a little pause worthy.

It got me thinking of a few others from the last few years off the top of my head of some classics we’d joke about on the reg back in school or when they dropped..Most of the time, and I use that term loosly (PAUSE), you obviously know what their trying to get but sometimes you can’t help but raise the eyebrow and think to yourself, didn’t his crew/collaborator, the producer/engineer or anyone else prior to the release pick up on the blatant homoerotic or suspect nature of the shit they were saying here!

There’s a fuckload more from way back and I could only imagine what these tight pant, molly dropping fucktards are yappin bout these days but here’s the Ras Kass one and a couple of others, plus one from your favorite rappers favorite rapper. I thought id throw in at a stretch for a laugh. All jokes and homo pokes aside there all killer tracks.

Rass Kass & Apollo Brown – Please Don’t Let Me

“Be careful who you let suck on your dick
That bitch might be a boy
I be frisking hoes in the club, I’m paranoid”

What kind of fucking clubs are you going to Razzy?

Fat Joe – John Blaze ft Nas, Big Pun, Jadakiss & Raekwon.
Don Cartagena

“whenever I see y’all Ima test ya, only cause I know that faggots respect pressure”

Jada’s no stranger to inadvertently spitting suspicious shit. This is one of those confusing moments.

Madlib & Freddie Gibbs – Real

“I stand on my two balls my dick and my ten toes”

Freddie gets at Yeezy on this but he also gets down on some strange BDSM shit by the sounds of it? That aint no regular game of twister G.

Canibus – 2nd Round K.O

“Well let me tell you something, you might got more cash than me, but you ain’t got the skills to eat a nigga’s ass like me”

Unforgettable. Even the name of the albums suss.

Roc Marciano – Raw Deal

“Mos yall rapper can toss my salad”

This whole album is classic but man Marc spits some brow raising shit..Let me tell you something, He aint asking rappers to come round and toss the Caesar dressing through the lettuce and croutons. If you don’t know what tossing the salad means then you should probably keep it that way. You don’t want that visual haha.
Extra mention to another line on the album “Yeah I’m a pampered dude, standing nude in the tanning room” smh.

Luniz – I got 5 on it
Operation Stackola

“I take sacks to the face, whenever I can”

I remember we paused on this hard back in high school. Obviously that volume of slang thesaurus never got passed around our parts. Numskull! what a fucking numskull. You get them sacks in the face, player….All day!

Raekwon – State of Grace
The Vatican Mixtape

“Love to hustle, my ring, call it big Uranus”

I was actually looking for another track off this mixtape in which Rae openly states somewhere that he’s on some faggot or homo shit but I can’t find it!? Anyway, this was another cracker.

Nas – NY State of Mind

“I’m not the type of brother meant for you to start tessin, give me a Smif and Wessin’, I’ll have niggas undressing”

He couldn’t really finish it off with “I’ll take the chain up of your chest hair” either. “I’ll take chains up of your dresser” would have been a little more suitable maybe haha.

Attn Heata, link us all up with some of them obscure joints in ya stash!

Unintentional Duos: Big Pun & Nore

Has anyone else ever noticed how truly dope the late great Punisher’s collab’s with Noreaga were? Hip Hop has produced some amazing duos but while Pun has always been associated more with Fat Joe and Nore with Capone and Tragedy, it’s the collaboration’s between these two Puerto Rock hardbodies that’ve got me fuxin’ with the internets here tonight. These are a few i have in my own collection but a simple YouTube search will turn up even more. Walk with me now…

Big Punisher ft Noreaga – You Came Up

This Rockwilder produced gem was the third single from Pun’s 1998 debut album Capital Punishment. Pun reps the BX while Nore holds down Queens over some funky horns. There’s a video out there for this but i prefer the album version.

Noreaga & Big Pun – Thug Brothers

This is from Funk Flex’s 60 Minutes of Funk Volume 3. If you don’t have your own copy of it there exits a better version on YouTube that i couldn’t embed for some reason. Nore puts in a gold medal performance on this, at no point being outshone by Pun.

Royal Flush ft Big Pun & Noreaga – Clap Yo Hands

I own this 12″ and i fuckin love it, it’s also quiet a rare track from what i’m led to believe. The Punisher slaughters this joint sampled from The Metres Handclapping Song, it’s as simple as that. It rivals his appearance on Beatnuts’ Off The Books. Flush and Nore let ya know Queens is in the house also but they had to work for it after Pun.

Pete Rock ft Big Pun, Noreaga and Common – Verbal Murder

Pete Rock’s solo debut was packed with memorable guest-spots and this ranks among them highly. Why Common is on here i don’t know but it’s never been more evident that there will never be another Pun or Nore, both amazing characters in their own right. I never listen as far as Common because there’s no need.

Kid Capri ft Noreaga & Big Pun – Block Party

Mix-tape king Kid Capri put out an album at the end of the 90’s that featured just about every (living) major rapper of the era but it wasn’t really that good. This is an exception though. Nore’s flow is almost anti-pun’s in that he leaves so much breath in the beat while Pun fills every single measure of a bar with syllables, except for when he’s snorting the breath back into his lungs. I fuck with Nore on this though.

DJ Clue ft Cam’Ron, Big Pun, Noreaga, Canibus – Fantastic 4

It was the end of the 90’s on Clue’s The Professional and Pun and Nore were playing rap’s odd couple again. Book-ended by two impressive performances from Cam’ and Can’ it’s Pun and Nore (getting head in the whip in any street) for my money on this shit. The beat gets on my nerve after a while but the constant darts will keep you entertained.



45 FRIDAY – Z.Z. HILL “I Think I’d Do It”

World Record Store Day Celebrations 2015

Respect to Wax Museum and Pang Productions for putting on what looks to be a cracker day.

There’s some great releases this year both locally and OS. Don’t sleep.


Throwback Thursday – Dropzone

Keeping along the lines of last weeks post, giving it up to the ones that paved the way giving the locals an opportunity and outlet I must to give Dropzone a mention. I’m not exactly sure when it started but a few of us were hitting it up on the regular circa 2000-2001. Dropzone collective was, the Bourne brothers Ray (Rainman) and Steve (Steve B) and Two Dee from my hazy memory. Heavy funk grooves and Hip-Hop, open mics and guest MCs every Thursday night from 9pm up at the top level of the empire hotel, which was called the moon bar.

I have no idea what this venue looks like now but back then the 1st two levels were pretty well fit out with a fuck off bars, decks, plenty of seating, pool tables etc. The moon bar on the other hand, which was accessed through some hazardous internal stairs was a little different..It always had this dankness about it, a ‘sweatbox’ if you will, like the sweat from the fried speed patrons on levels one and two had wafted up to the top level. Dimly lit, regular trails of weed smoke wafting out of the back couch sections, it had a dope vibe too it. This was back when bouncers in the city would knock you back from clubs if you didn’t sport the leather or the collar and the valley was…just the valley, a little more relaxed on entry. Before it was a drink, chew and spew ‘Precinct’ that attracts 20k-40k plus per weekend and it gave a fuck about the music and where it was housed and crafted (fuck I sound like some old jaded cunt but it’s truth!). You sure as fuck didn’t pay upward of 10 bucks a throw for a rum either. Binge drinking was fucking encouraged!

The process for us was to head in early to the middle bar and hit up cheap drinks, play some pool, take drugs (if the mood was right), attempt to mac a bitch/s and stumble our way up for entry. Then, drink more, politic, harass women, harass the DJs to play something and let us up for the open mic (sorry Ray I was bad for that shit!). Rinse and repeat!

Dropzone introduced me to open mics, live hip-hop performance, good funk, hip-hop and most of all good people who I still have a lot of time for. The type of people you stay friends for life for because of that connection with the music/art and the community back then was so tight knit you could simply weed out the weak/toy cunts. Separate the real from fake so to speak. It birthed graff crews, rap crews, DJs who are still doing their thing for the culture today and I’m extremely grateful for this. Meeting our mentor, Ken Oath was something I also take away from this time and hold as a great moment. Putting us down with 750 Rebels I think corrupted us a little more than we already where but put us on the right path, at least in a musical sense haha.

Big up and repsect to Rainman and his brothers for getting the scene poppin’ back then and kicking off our Brisbane bullshit.

If anyone has any pics, flyers or tales please share.We were all rocking the dial up back then and time was money!

Happy Easter from NATAS


Throwback Thursday – Babble-On


$2 pots and $3 shots made for some fucking good hip-hop nights put on by the babble-on boys. No to mention the club where they came up promoting their first shows backed on to a gash bar. You could sneak though the back door behind the adjoining bar for some mutton if you so obliged. Don’t worry I wont be dry snitchin’ any detail now or in future of finer details but fun was had and in big fucking spades!!! I Just wanted to post and pay homage to those that have helped along the way and deserve some recognition.

It blows me away to think these shows were over 10 years ago! For a bunch of low life, Southside drunks barely on the right path, we (Town Drunxxx) got a few supports circa 02-03. Babble-On kept the torch alight from the Ric’s café, max break & the alley bar shows, keeping the locals with a regular outlet and the punters happy with a good variety of local and interstate acts, not to mention that pussy actually turned up to hip hop shows back then and got turned out. You didn’t have to be p-noid you were chatting up a bitch some dude was cuffin. The sense of community was regained, the battle scene here in briz was alive, DJs actually had skills and selected records for the task at hand.

Things got bigger, the clubs got bigger, the acts booked were international, dudes bought pre sold tickets knowing that mother fucker would sell out. You would see flyers posted every suburb south to west, word of mouth got you there. I struggle now with some of these fuck arse cunts trying to promote a show with a facebook post and moshtix link.  Where’s your gumption and passion? where did the punters go? Is no one of the younger generation a fan before an artist? Where the fuck is the culture ffs?

Enough of a rant. A big thank to the Babble-on boys, the OG 143 massive and everyone else involved back then. Some great memories. Also,  big up and repect to the likes of the 469 boys for carrying the torch and bringing back that good old fashion Brisbane Bullshit. You cunts are doing it right! Thankyou!


LC – Murderous Metaphors Launch – The Rev, 2005

750rebs1 750rebs3 750rebs4 750rebs5 750rebs6

Tha Liks – Farewell Tour – The Arena, 2/9/06

IMG_0074 IMG_0075 IMG_0076 IMG_0080 IMG_0082 IMG_0084

Don’t Sweat the Technique Tees

In case you been missed it yesterday. We have a limited run of tees available now. Hit the shop tab and support the DSTT movement!



Bumpy Knuckles & Big Daddy Kane – The Fires Gettin High

Producer Oddisee provides the bed for the artist formely known as Freddie Foxxx and the King Asiatic to spit blackout darts on.


Don’t Sweat the Technique – Round 6 Results

Strange results on this. The votes were all over the shop. We had some thinking Tornts made Beat 2 and  some thinking he made beat 4 which was by Dontez. Myself and Kharnivor were on even votes for beat 1. Great sample and  great round. Cheers again to all that were involved and all that had a guess on this. Only planning on making this shit bigger with the more people that jump on board. Next round. We’re preparing an Easter special for round 7. Producers will have to think outside the box for this one I’m guessing. Maybe we’ll level the playing field some more to disguise some of the producers by dishing out the same drum break??

We Want Eazy!

It’s been 20 years since the great Eric ‘Eazy-E’ Wright passed. If Eazy had’ve been gunned down in a flurry of shotgun blasts, or caught a blade in the jugular, we probably would’ve shown the man’s legacy a great deal more respect in the years that have passed since his untimely death. Pour yaself a little liquor and raise a toast to “the actual street n***a from Compton”… Turn this one up!

“…fee, fi, fo, fuck fum!”


Learn From The Legends: Li’l Fame

E’ry day is MdotOdotPdot day around here… Mashout Monday, Warriors Wednesday, Fizzy Wo Fridays. We even do Bukka Bukka Blaow Sundays.


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